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Products » Corporate Recruiting Software Edition

MatchHire Corporate Recruiting Software Edition is a recruitment solution designed to help companies attract, screen and hire the right candidates while building an interactive Branded Career Center.

MatchHire Corporate Recruiting Software Edition enables your organization to recruit the best employees for your organization's needs and to keep potential candidates in your database, so you can contact them when you need them.

Corporate Recruiting Software Key features:

  • Advertise vacancies on your own web site
  • Manage all stages of the recruitment process
  • Retain information on candidates and vacancies for future hire
  • Search Resumes
  • Categorize applicant's resumes
  • Schedule and keep track of Interviews
  • Internet-based so you can work from any location
  • Prescreen and Auto-Rank applications
  • Automated Acknowledgement Email
  • Real Time Data Management
  • and much more

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