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MatchHire provides a cost reducing Web-Based Applicant Tracking Software turning your web-site into a powerful interactive recruiting tool without additional hardware, software or technical expertise. As a hosted applicant tracking solution, we maintain the hardware and technology allowing to focus on your recruitment process.

Engage, Match and Hire the best fit candidate

With MatchHire, you can easily match candidates to job requisitions, notify them of openings, pre-screen them based on qualifying questions, and make job offers to qualified candidates quickly and efficiently

Immediate and easy access to relevant applicant data
MatchHire Web-based Applicant Tracking System allows you to construct an organized and easy to access database, it helps manage the flow of resumes and the status of an applicant.

Capture resumes and convert visitors to your website into candidates
MatchHire automates the resume submission and tracking process by allowing applicants to create and maintain their own profile online. You can search, track, approve, and reject applicant, maintain notes on the applicant specifically and the hiring process in general.

Effective ranking and scoring process
Pre-qualify and score candidates based on your criteria. Qualification questionnaires help you reduce time in selecting the most qualified candidates.

Meet Your Compliance Goals
MatchHire Compliance Reports helps generate a comprehensive report containing all the required information outlined in the EEO and new OFCCP regulation. By activating OFCCP Fields, MatchHire automatically saves all activity associated with your candidates and applicants

Hassle-Free installation and upgrades
Eliminate the need to install and manage additional hardware or software, MatchHire is a fully hosted applicant tracking solution enabling you to enjoy the flexibility to work from anywhere at anytime whether it’s from home or another office. , there is no need for IT staff to manage application and hardware.

Reduced cost
Through automated and streamlined workflow, MatchHire enables you to reduce costs by reducing administrative overhead as well as advertising costs.

Rapid deployment
MatchHire requires only access to the Internet and a Web Browser. Set up can be as quick as one business day to launch your Career Site.