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MatchHire Applicant Tracking Software is a user-friendly and affordable Web-Based Recruiting and Applicant Tracking Software to streamline all the hiring procedures of Recruiting Agencies and HR Departments. You will simplify your hiring process and find the most qualified people for the right positions

Simple Setup - Fast Implementation
MatchHire is designed to maximize your hiring effectiveness in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Our Applicant Tracking Software eliminates the need to install and manage additional hardware or software; there is no need for IT staff to manage application and hardware.
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Centralize Your Recruitment Activities
Manage and organize all candidates and recruiting information from one central database. With MatchHire, you can define authorization level based on your hiring practices and promotes collaboration throughout the hiring progression by keeping all interested parties informed of the process. More »


Meet Your Compliance Goals
MatchHire Compliance Reports helps generate a comprehensive report containing all the required information outlined in the EEO and new OFCCP regulation. By activating OFCCP Fields, MatchHire automatically saves all activity associated with your candidates and applicants. Learn more »

Hire The Most Qualified Applicants

MatchHire automated resume parsing and processing, powerful searches, matching capabilities, pre-qualifying questionnaires, built-in emailing, interviews and follow-up meetings scheduling enable you to hire the best fit applicant quickly and efficiently. Get Your Free Trial NOW! »

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